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  1. I just saw you on Hagmann tonight! I Thank God that pastors like yourself are still out here,few and in-between.My question where can I find scripture to back up about the Counter this argument that we as God’s people are Biblically take strangers who do not want to assimilate.I found Exodus 12:48 which states at that time if I’m understanding correctly that the men had to be circumsised,and accept the ways of the Jews” I Love the Bible God’s Word nothing else like it in the world. God Bless I’m subscribing for sure.

    • Hi Carrie:

      Thank you for dropping me a note and thank you for watching/listening to the Hagmann & Hagmann Report last night. It is such a tremendous blessing to me to have people contact me after the show. Please tell me more about what you are researching and I will give you some Scripture to consider.



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