1 Timothy 6:6-10 – Serve God and Get Rich? Part 2

This is an exposition of 1 Timothy 6:6-10 Part 2 where I discuss contentment. What is contentment biblically speaking? Contentment is the ability to see that what we have is God’s gift of sufficiency. This truth is polar opposite of what many Christians believe today.

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Question & Answer Friday – Should I be concerned about Word Faith?

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I have voiced my concerns about what I now recognize as Word of Faith, but my parents (we are a Baptist family) believe that those concerns are just Satan trying to divide the church and that the teachings of Benny Hinn and alike are in line with scripture and that other churches are just jealous because they don’t have as many followers as those involved with Word of Faith. How can I respectfully and humbly tell them that this is not the case? Also our church has had some Word of Faith material appearing at our church. (Aimed at youth ministry) I fear if I inform my pastor about yet another problem with a pamphlet, he will feel I’m getting too pedantic over the issue. Should I go ahead and respectfully inform him anyway?

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